Thank you for your interest in Golden Crayon!

Hello, and welcome to Golden Crayon's homepage!
Originally, this page hosted the BGT variant of Golden Crayon. However, that is no longer the case.
Future updates regarding the Python version will be made available later on this page, as well as the Golden Reporter. For now, this is an isolated project and all information is confidential. We'll see you in the Python version!

What Is Golden Crayon?

Golden Crayon (GC) is a 2D/3D multiplayer building / exploration game, in which you can build maps using several resources at your disposal. You can also explore other public maps that other players have built, and contribute to other maps as well.
Key features:

Python Updates

30 May 2023

In this update, co-developer Matthew Smith goes into brief detail about the current state of the Golden Crayon Python rewrite.

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17 April 2023

Any Python-related updates about Golden Crayon will be posted here. All changes are at heading level 4, with their sub topics, if applicable, at heading level 5.